KENA by GOSPA massages

Classical massage

60 min / 55 €

The relaxing whole-body massage helps to complete the tiredness, improves the immune system, balances the nervous system. It is possible to enjoy classical massage as a dual massage.

A la carte massage

60 min / 55 €

A la carte massage is set up by you and the therapist together setting focus on the region that needs it the most. It could be the shoulders, back, legs, head etc. This massage relieves tension and relaxes the whole body.

Deep tissue massage

60 min / 55 €

Intensive and effective full body deep-tissue massage developed by the physiotherapist Lauri Rannama of Saaremaa specifically for GOSPA. Deep-tissue massage aims to relieve pain and tense spots in the musculature by means of enhanced massage techniques.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers or during breastfeeding.

Relaxing and energy restoring massage with stones from Saaremaa

75 min / 62 €

Stone massage is refreshing, raises the mood, and boosts energy. Heat released from stones together with light oils relaxes and streches, gently massaging muscle pains away from your body. Treatment includes face and cleavage massage.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.

 GOSPA recommends 

  • Extend your massage enjoyment by 15 min 10€  or 30 min 20€
  • Add magnesium oil (5 €) to the massage to relieve the muscle pain


Massage with warm oil and herbs

75 min / 62 €

A massage covering the entire body with plenty of warm sweet almond oil that includes deep relaxing stretching movements. Warm delightful oil nourishes your dry skin and relieves your body from muscular tension.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Body contouring massage

60 min / 55 €

This massage to slim and shape the body produces noticeable effects from the very first session. Every movement in massage has been chosen for its proven effect – breaking down fats, restoring connective tissues, improving the outward aspect of the skin or causing intensive relaxation.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Pampering massage for expecting mothers

90 min / 68 €

A massage that can be enjoyed during every trimester of pregnancy. The mother can focus fully on the massage thanks to the unique beanbag on which the massage is done and which enables comfortable and safe relaxation. The massage eases tensions in the back and reduces the swelling of feet and arms, stimulating the senses and exciting the spirit.

Quick massage for your back, shoulders, and neck

30 min / 35 €

Tiredness in the back, shoulders, and neck can cause various issues. This short and quick relief helps to decrease muscle tensions and improve blood circulation. After the massage, your posture will be improved and your eyes will discern brighter colours.

Other massages

Tension Reducing Cupping Therapy

60 min / 55 €

Cupping therapy or suction therapy is an ancient method for treatment within tribal cultures. Care is combined with hand massage and the focus is according to the clients’ wishes and indications on specifically problematic areas. Cupping therapy is especially suited for muscle tensions, reduction of cellulite, rejuvenation of skin and body trim. New and old stretch marks will be gone with the help of cupping therapy. It helps against general tiredness, helps to recover sleep and stimulates the work of internal organs.
NB! As a result of care, mild bruising may develop that disappears after a few days. Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Stress relief massage

60 min / 55 €

A unique combination of the features of ten distinct cultures. This is more than just a simple massage. The care treatment begins with a light dry brushing procedure, followed by rhythmic and deeply relaxing massage movements… Pure oils energise the spirit and relax the tense muscles.
NB! Treatment is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

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