The GOSPA spa treatments are performed “hands on”, which means that the treatments are provided by professional therapists. Quality is guaranteed with our treatments using the French spa ranges Vie and Thalgo and our very own KENA by GOSPA, a range developed by us and originating in Saaremaa.


At GOSPA, we have been providing treatments for the past 16 years. Thousands and thousands of people have been caressed by our hands. Our experience and feedback from our customers has brought us to the decision that it is time to put our chin up and take pride in who we are and what we can do. This decision engendered GOSPA's range of treatments, KENA (NICE), a beautiful word that originates in Saaremaa and reflects everything we do in Saaremaa, using the best gifts of nature growing here. If you are wondering how you will feel after visiting us, our answer is that you will feel very KENA (NICE).



French spa series treatments from Vie are meant for conscious customer who appreciates an immediate effect. In treatment, we follow the condition of the skin and thanks to high tech active ingredients cocktail, which we use here; the effect is obvious from the very first treatment. In the course of the rejuvenating process, we affect the stem cells in the superficial and deeper layers of the skin. Therefore, the difference between "before and after" is entirely appropriate for these treatments!

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