Vie facial treatments

MÉSOFORCE - Revitalizing plumping treatment

60 min / 79 €

An intensive moisturizing, revitalizing, and tone lifting facial treatment and lifting massage with the effect of mesotherapy. A highly effective personal solution for mature, dry, sensitive, and tired skin without tone. Also recommended for men.

Vie rejuvenating facial treatment

60 min / 75 €

A facial with medical beauty treatment background, which main part is a biological skin peeling. Already after the first active treatment, you will see that the texture of the skin is balanced, porosity is smaller, wrinkles are smoother, and the complexion is more radiant. The treatment is safe and with immediate rejuvenating effect.

Vie 3D facial beauty therapy

60 min / 79 €

An excellent effect treatment, inspired from three medical beauty treatment procedures: Botox injections, Hyaluronic Acid injections, and surgical facelift. Produced through a partnership with an esthetic top specialist Doctor Laurence Richier, this extraordinary 3D or three-dimensional beauty therapy guarantees exceptional results. It focuses on three facial zones—the upper face, lower face, and facial contour. Wrinkles are reduced, the skin is smoothed and the facial contour is sculpted. This miracle is born without a syringe and surgery.

Thalgo facial treatments

Thalgo moisturizing facial treatment

75 min / 65 €

Regenerating and deep-moisturizing facial treatment with rich seaweed extracts. A deep-moisturizing sea mask with a special anti-wrinkle massage will give an obvious result – your facial skin will be considerably smoother and will have a radiant and shiny complexion.

Thalgo skin specific facials

60 min / 49 €

Treatment chosen with your therapist according to your facial skin needs.

* Thalgo care for dry skin,
* Thalgo care for sensitive skin.
* Thalgo care for normal to combination skin

Thalgo facial „Ocean” – moisturizing, refreshing

60 min / 59 €

A treatment specially developed for men, using unique seaweed which has moisturizing, invigorating and rejuvenating effect by giving the tired skin a rested and fresh complexion.

Facial massage

30 min / 30 €

Relaxing face, neck, and cleavage massage, with a toning and rejunevating effect.

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