For children

Treatments suitable for children aged 5-12

Sportsman’s muscle massage for the boys

30 min / 25 €

For the brave boys whose muscles require extra energy to achieve big and small triumphs in this world.

Superstar’s sparkling massage for girls

30 min / 25 €

For little girls who become sparkling superstars after the massage.

Chocolate massage for children

30 min / 30 €
45 min / 35 €

To all sweettooths who dream about becoming a director of the chocolate factory, as only in this position you could eat as much chocolate as going into the mouth at a time and even more …

Large foam bath

20 min / 20 €

The bubble bath with the foamy herbs chosen by the little spa-friend to learn about the different scents offered by nature. A yellow duck might also put its nose out of the foam.

Foot treatment for children

45 min / 25 €

Suitable for girls who long for light dancing feet. Here the foot massage is done and the cream is put on. It might be slightly tickly, but then you know what your mothers feel and how do they have so beautiful feet.

Hand treatment for children

45 min / 25 €

The smooth and soft hands, nice nails and skilful fingers are the dreams of the girl. Special hand treatment is just meant for our little princesses to see whose hands are more soft, yours or your mom’s. If your mother-father allow, the spa-aunt puts nail polish on your nails too.

Boys build dragons and powerful machines from Lego bricks. As a result, their hands also need hand cream occasionally and their broken nails need some shaping. And boys can think of new fun things to build, while the spa ladies are taking care of their hands.

Treatments suitable for children aged 12-16

Massage with warm oil

45 min / 35 €

This is a very pleasant full-body massage with warm hazelnut oil, where its strength is selected according to your wishes. The final result is just so relaxing, that you could fall asleep! It is also possible to enjoy it as a dual massage.

Relaxing massage with stones

45 min / 35 €

The stone massage provides new energy.  This care unites a gentle, simple, massage and the heat which is released from the hot stones. The massage has a positive effect on the skin, helping to keep it clean and bright with the help of used oils. P.S. We have gathered the stones ourself from the West Coast of the island.

Face cleansing

60 min / 35 €

The skin will be deeply cleansed and moistened with this classic facial skin care. This care includes soft peeling of facial skin and a mechanical cleansing of the pores. Soothing and moisturising effect of the mask on the skin with a day cream which suits the skin, guarantee a pleasurable fresh, clear, and clean feel.

Treatment 45-60min depending on skin condition.

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