Looking for the perfect Christmas gift?

Experiences are the best gifts of all. We believe that the world is overflowing with too many things, but lacking in delightful experiences. We should all gift each other more of these joyous moments and memories.

To make your decision easier, we’ve curated a wonderful selection of gifts for pampering yourself or your loved ones at GOSPA.

A special gift for a husband, father, good friend, or colleague

Surprise the special men in your life this holiday season with GOSPA's signature deep tissue massage.

Ideal for husbands, fathers, friends, or colleagues who deserve a break after long workdays. This unique massage, crafted by renowned Saaremaa physiotherapist Lauri Rannama, is not just a gift, it's an experience that rejuvenates the body and soothes the mind.

Recognized as one of GOSPA's most sought-after spa services, it promises to be a gift your loved one will remember as the highlight of their holiday season.

Perfect for relaxation and unwinding, it's the ultimate way to show care and appreciation.

A thoughtful present for a wife or mother

Babor's facial treatments- Women emerge from these treatments feeling refreshed, rested, and beautifully radiant, both inside and out.

From the moment they enter the treatment room, the fragrances, dim lighting, and soothing music begin the relaxation process. The gentle touch of our spa therapists combined with the luxurious synergy of Babor's lotions, creams, and masks is a true delight.

Gift this experience of beauty and relaxation!

A charming surprise for a girlfriend

Indulge in the luxury of a foot treatment – a rare treat compared to more common facial treatments. It’s always a joy to receive such a thoughtful gift!

Surprise your dear friend with this unique experience. It’s even more delightful when you both visit for the foot treatment together. Enjoy catching up on all the important conversations while our spa therapists provide royal care for your feet.

Opt for our Deluxe foot treatment, which includes a glass of celebratory sparkling drink. A truly splendid gift!

A delightful gift for children

What's better than a bar of chocolate? Actually, even better than ten bars? Of course, a chocolate massage! During this, one can eat as much chocolate as fits in. After the massage, your little offspring will smell like a delicious chocolate bar. Give them an extraordinary experience to talk about with other children after the holidays!

But if your child doesn't like chocolate for some reason, then they will certainly enjoy spending a whole day frolicking in our pools. All kids love that.

An unforgettable experience for the whole family

What could be a better gift for the whole family than time spent together, and a joint visit to GOSPA is perfect for this.

We have large and comfortable rooms, one of the most pleasant spas in the world, and of course absolutely fantastic food. This is not just our opinion, but the opinion of everyone who has visited us.

The best Christmas gift is emotion because things are not the most important in life, but good feelings are. With a gift card, you give joy for sure.

If you're not exactly sure how the recipient wants to rejuvenate their body or refresh their mind, then a GOSPA gift card of a freely chosen value is a suitable gift.

This way, they can choose whether to take a treatment, massage, visit the saunas, or perhaps have dinner. And maybe you will visit us together. That's even a better idea.

So – visit our online store, drop by or write to us with your gift request at info@gospa.ee.

We will issue a beautiful gift card, which you can present at just the right moment or place under the Christmas tree.

Happy holiday anticipation!

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