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GOSPA ritual for your body and face

120 min 80€ (normal price 90€)

A unique relaxing ritual, that combines the perfect facial and body treatment. The treatment begins with a gentle brushing over the body, followed by a deeply relaxing massage. Essential oils stimulate the mind and relax the tense muscles.
The facial treatment will be chosen in accordance with your personal skin type in order to restore the natural balance of the skin through a special massage stimulating the elasticity and muscle tone of the skin. At the same, the active agents of the facial mask will moisturise and restore the vitality and shine of your skin.  This ritual ends with an anti-stress head massage, making it the perfect treatment, leaving you completely relaxed from head to toe.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers.

Tension reducing cupping therapy

60 min 40€ (normal price 50€)

Cupping therapy or suction therapy is an ancient method for treatment within tribal cultures, which is especially effective due to the vacuum created on the body. Care is combined with hand massage and the focus is according to the clients’ wishes and indications on specifically problematic areas. Cupping therapy is especially suited for muscle tensions, reduction of cellulite, rejuvenation of skin and body trim. New and old stretch marks will be gone with the help of cupping therapy. It helps against general tiredness, helps to recover sleep and stimulates the work of internal organs. In addition, muscle tension decreases and self healing capabilities of the organism will increase. NB! As a result of care, mild bruising may develop that disappears after a few days. Not suitable for soon-to-be moms!

Firming body wrap

75 min 38€ (normal price 48€)

This treatment helps to achieve the shape of your dreams! The body is tightened with a seaweed body scrub, which enriches the skin with sea minerals. Afterward, the problematic areas are trimmed with special massage techniques. Your whole body will be pampered with a nourishing cream and relaxing massage.
NB! Treatment is not suitable for expectant mothers or during breastfeeding.

Hand or foot parafin

30 min 25€ (normal price 30€)

An effective warm treatment with pure paraffin for Your hands gives the skin valuable moisture and makes it visibly soft and elastic. The lavender aroma and pleasant calming warmth ease muscular tension and ensure an immediate comfortable feeling.

The ideal treatment for dry feet. The feet get a peeling and are put into pure paraffin warmed up in an oven which helps to restore the elasticity of the skin and has an extremely softening effect. The feet are covered with sheepskin socks so that the active ingredients could absorb even deeper. Calming lavender aroma and pleasant warmth ease muscular tensions.
NB! Foot paraffin is not recommended to soon-to-be moms.

Revitalizing and nourishing facial treatment

60 min 40€ (normal price 50€)

VIE 3D eye treatment

30 min 25€ (normal price 30€)

Rejuvenating eye treatment revitalises and restores the skin around the eyes and smoothes wrinkles. Removes puffiness and darkness around the eyes. The treatment has immediate and refreshing effect.

Juniper bath

20 min 15€ (normal price 20€)

A juniper bath is a delightful treatment to help you to remember this local miracle tree. Legend has it that juniper is a remedy for as many as 99 ills... PS! You can also whisk yourself without any fear using juniper branches whilst taking a bath.

Infrared sauna up to 4 person

30 min 12€ (normal price 15€)

An infrared sauna helps to cleanse your body of residues, improves muscle tone, and is efficient in reducing cellulite. It alleviates chronic fatigue and muscle pain, invigorates the nervous system, cleanses the skin, stimulates cell regeneration, boosts your immune system, reduces stress, and makes you energetic.


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